Jun 26, 2020

How to Use Google Assistant | All the 'OK, Google Jul 07, 2020 OK Google An interactive list of over 150 commands and 1000 variations that you can ask Google's voice assistant. Made by @thekitze

Jun 01, 2017

Dec 18, 2017 OK Google, where's my phone? : googlehome OK Google, where's my phone? Am I confused or wasn't this a feature when the GH was first released. Couldn't find my wife's phone last night so I told her to ask and it said it couldn't do that. Then, I figured it was because we have multiple users setup so I asked it to locate my phone. Same response.

Answer . If the phone is Android and you have it synced to your Google account, you can get the last known location by going to Android Device Manager.Depending on the version of Android you're running, you can even make it ring (if the battery isn't dead) or Enable Lock and Erase so nobody can get your info.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Using OK Google to unlock - Tip Use OK Google for lockout screen unlock. To do this, please open the following Android submenu of your S9 or S9 Plus: Home screen --> Settings --> Device security --> Smart Lock; Now enter the currently used unlock method, such as pin, pattern or fingerprint etc. to access the Smart Lock options. You will now see four different Smart Lock methods: How to Lock and Unlock Your Phone with Google Assistant May 28, 2018