Nov 02, 2017

Try the 10 day Trial of Identity Cloaker The method employed is fairly standard, in order to access all these UK TV websites you need to hide your physical location. These websites determine your location by checking where your IP address is registered to, this is the unique network number which is assigned wherever you are connecting from. Identity Cloaker Coupon: How to Watch UK TV in Spain You can thus hide your location and a VPN becomes the ultimate way to watch UK TV online for free irrespective of your location. For example many Identity Cloaker subscribers, use it primarily to access British TV from wherever they happen to live. How to Watch BBC iPlayer Proxy in 2020 - Anonymous Proxies So I simply select a UK server for watching it’s kind of a BBC IPlayer proxy. Identity Cloaker is the most sophisticated security software on the internet, it allows you to surf completely protected via a network of private proxies across the planet. How to Watch BBC Abroad - UK TV Proxy - Anonymous Proxies

Sep 17, 2012

Identity Cloaker 2 - Watching Hulu and iPlayer Abroad Mar 10, 2011

Irish Proxy for Watching RTE PLayer Live - HTTP Proxies

Watch Video of application in action - hidemyid's JimdoPage! OK So you live in the UK and like a good citizen you buy a TV licence. You work hard and save up to go on holiday to say France for example. You go to the BBC iPlayer website only to be told that you can't watch it because you are not in the UK. Will you get a two week refund on your licence? Well with this application you can watch your favourite BBC and ITV shows using iPlayer and ITV Player Irish Proxy for Watching RTE PLayer Live - HTTP Proxies Jul 21, 2019