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Domain Name System, or DNS, is the backbone of your online presence.Every domain name uses DNS to control how visitors find your website and how you receive email. You can think of your domain name as a street address, and DNS acts as your GPS. What is split DNS? Webopedia Definition Recommended Reading: Webopedia's DNS definition. Examples of Split DNS. Common reasons for using split DNS systems is to hide internal information from external clients on the Internet or to allow internal networks to resolve DNS on the Internet. What is DNS amplification attack ? - Definition from

DNS definition: abbreviationdomain name system Most large consumer friendly registrars have easy-to-use web tools that allow you to manage DNS settings through a graphical point-and-click interface.; When you register a domain with a registry service, you will need to configure the DNS settings to point the domain to the location where your website is stored, or "hosted".

RFC 8499 - DNS Terminology The domain name system (DNS) is defined in literally dozens of different RFCs. The terminology used by implementers and developers of DNS protocols, and by operators of DNS systems, has sometimes changed in the decades since the DNS was first defined. This document gives current definitions for many of the terms used in the DNS in a single document. What Are DNS Records? Domain Name System Examples - DNS

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DNS Record Definition - Tech Terms DNS records are stored in zone files and are used for translating domain names to IP addresses . They also contain other data, including the domain name's name server and mail server information. If there are domain name aliases, such as the commonly used "www" preceding the domain name, these will also be listed in the DNS record.