[Solved] 'SSH Connection refused in DigitalOcean'

transport input telnet. line vty 0 4. exec-timeout 60 0. password 7 14051B1B03022C. logging synchronous. transport input telnet . but I am still getting the: % Connection refused by remote host . Maybe the problem lies with the configuration on each device - Here is an example of what I am using on each switch: line con 0. password 7 071D285C410F1F CentOS server refusing all connections except for ssh For some reason my CentOS VPS refuses all connections except for HTTP, SSH and Telnet. Whenever I try to connect to a port such as 25 (SMTP) or even a random port such as 225 I get a connection ref ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Localhost in Windows 10 - …

Connect to Raspberry Pi over ssh: connection refused (from

Connection refused means that the port you are trying to connect to is not actually open. So either you are connecting to the wrong IP address, or to the wrong port, or the server is listening on the wrong port, or is not actually running. A common mistake is not specifying the port number when binding or connecting in network byte order networking - Telnet: Connection refused for specific port

Telnet connection refused by router - Cisco Community

Re: Telnet connection refused by router I would have said it was an access-class in the vty lines, but you say that it only takes a reboot to gain access again. Maybe there is no access-class on vty 0, and there is one on vty 1 onwards. The first session would get in on vty 0, which is open.