networking - How do I connect to and access a Cisco router

Basics to configure a CISCO router to connect to internet At this point you should be in position to access internet using your cisco router. There is a lot you can do with your cisco router. Let me know what you want to do on your cisco router. We shall be glad to help you out. All the best guys am out of here to my next issue. Tweet. Cisco ACL In and Out Questions – Router Switch Blog Q3: Cisco ACL in/out question. When working with Cisco ACLs, the access-groups are applied to individual interfaces. int s0 access – group 101 in access – group 102 out My understanding is that “in” is always traffic going towards the router, and “out” is always traffic going away from the router. Like this: Cisco Router Passwords: Enable and Secret - dummies

Jul 01, 2020

Several types of passwords can be configured on a Cisco router, such as the enable password, the secret password for Telnet and SSH connections and the console port as well. All these password locations represent good access locations for passwords, but if you have only one password on only one access location, you should at […] Solved: Can't access EA3500 router to change settings

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You may want to access your home router remotely through Internet: from your work or even from your mobile phone. In this case you will be able to reboot router or change its settings at any time. Here is how to access D-link and TP-Link router remotely from anywhere on the Internet. All routers have a built-in web-based setup page that allows you to customize settings and set up advanced properties. Note: Before you access the web-based setup page of the router, make sure the router is powered on and the computer is wired to