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Ubuntu: How To Free Up Port 53, Used By systemd-resolved This article explains how to stop systemd-resolved from using port 53 on Ubuntu. The instructions were tested on Ubuntu 20.04, but they should also work on other Ubuntu versions, e.g. Ubuntu 18.04, the upcoming Ubuntu 20.10, as well as Ubuntu-based Linux distributions like Pop!_OS, Zorin OS, Elementary OS, Linux Mint, and so on. DNS Server in Ubuntu / Debian | allaboutlinux.eu Dec 04, 2015 Create a DHCP and DNS Server with Dnsmasq on Ubuntu Server Dec 18, 2019 Konfigurasi DNS Server di Ubuntu 16.04 - Immersa Lab

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How to configure DNS server in ubuntu 14.04 Jul 18, 2014 DNS Server Setup Using Bind in Ubuntu - DocShare.tips

Install and configure DNS server in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

@ IN SOA ns1.example.com. admin.example.com. ( 2007031001; 28800; 604800; 604800; 86400 ) IN NS ns1.example.com. 1 IN PTR example.com Restart Bind server using the following command sudo /etc/init.d/bind9 restart Testing Your DNS Server Modify the file resolv.conf with the following settings sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf Enter the following details