Jan 15, 2015 · Solution: in the dashlane desktop app, go to preferences then settings. Then disable remember password with windows hello. Then restart your pc/dashlane and make sure it remembered the settings change. For some reason it didn't work the first time I disabled the check box, it stuck after I restarted and unchecked it the second time.

For Dashlane's auto-login to work, your Dashlane browser extension needs to be installed and enabled. If you do not have it or aren't sure, find where to get it here. The three ways to use Dashlane's auto-login feature Going to your website normally Dashlane is designed to securely make your life online faster and easier. By default, Dashlane will automatically log you in to the sites you use. But if you run into errors, or simply do not want Dashlane to interact with a website, the auto-login feature can be disabled for specific websites. Live a safer, simpler life online with Dashlane: Store and fill in all your passwords, personal information, and payments. How it works When you come across a login or registration form in your browser, simply click on the username field or on the e-mail address field, depending on what the form requires, and you will see a special popup appear. The popup does not appear on all forms, but only forms relating to one of your credentials. Simply enter and save your credential into Dashlane and Dashlane's auto-login feature will log you in behind the scenes. Please note that this feature works best with only one credential saved per website and that the log in experience is invisible. Automatically fill out forms To use our auto-login for apps feature, simply open your app or browser and go to the login form. You should then see a small Dashlane icon appear. Tap on the icon to see the autofill menu. Then simply tap on the login you want to use, and Dashlane will auto-log you in!

Apr 23, 2020 · The best Dashlane features. Automatic password changer – Dashlane tries to make the dream of zero-effort security a reality with its automatic password changing feature. This works on select

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Every password, everywhere - Save passwords and personal info as you browse - Store an unlimited number of passwords and access them anywhere - Sync your Dashlane data to every device automatically, even if your phone and computer run on different systems - Easily generate and save strong passwords in one click - Create unique, secure passwords for each of your accounts Log in automatically - Autofill the right username and password on every account, every time - Fill addresses and other

auto-login Archives - Dashlane Blog You are viewing in the auto-login Archives. We’re excited to announce Dashlane with Touch Bar support for Apple’s latest line of MacBook Pro laptops! Dashlane – Best Password Manager Dashlane auto-changing password feature is fantastic and robust, and the auto-login feature is intuitive to use. Plus you now get a basic VPN to keep you safer on public Wi-Fi hotspots. The drawbacks are minor enough that they won’t affect the majority of users. Dashlane review: This password manager makes you smarter